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When you are on the job, you need the right work boots. Not every job requires the same protection, so the type of boot you need considerably varies according to your profession.

At RSEA we can offer a diverse range of products, ensuring that you have the proper footwear to be safe & comfortable.

Reduce your risk at work with anti-slip boots

People who work in a workplace with slippery or wet floors should opt for a lace up work boots. Wet, slippery floors and uneven surfaces are a common hazard in many workplaces, but lace up work boots can seriously reduce that risk.

Not wearing the proper work boots can lead to painful injuries, including a sprained or broken ankle. Lace up work boots from RSEA will provide you with the proper ankle support without feeling restricted in movement.

Footwear Accessories

Keeping your work boots clean can be quite the task, especially if you are working in a dirty workplace. Since work boots can be a considerable investment, we offer you a good amount of maintenance kits that will keep your work boots in good condition, including Waterproofers, Polishing kits, Replacement laces & "Over-boots" which prevent foreign materials entering your socks and boots

Our waterproofer is mainly used by people who own leather or suede leather work boots. Even though both work boots have some degree of waterproofing qualities, after a certain period of time they may need an additional layer to stay fully waterproof and repel any water touching the surface of the boots.


Many Australians regularly suffer from knee strain and lower back problems at work and this is mainly caused by unsupported shoes. The work boots we provide on RSEA already have proper supporting soles, but some people need extra footbeds due to a medical problem. All footbeds on the website are also washable, so they can be reused.