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PPE - Personal Protection Equipment at RSEA Safety Online

PPE - Respiratory Protection

If you work in an environment where oxygen levels are low or where normal breathing is not possible due to the presence of harmful substances, you will need respiratory devices. You will find many items to help you in this working environment, from basic disposable PPE to specialised respiratory equipment (including gas and particle filters for respiratory masks).

Banded Earplugs

Do you have problems keeping earplugs in your ears? Or do you find it difficult to get them out sometimes? Then consider using banded earplugs. The banded earplug is smaller than the earmuff, but is easier to keep in the ears or to take out of the ears than standard earplugs. The banded earplugs we provide are also available in various colours and lengths, so there will be something suitable for each type of industry and every type of person.

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Quick Hydration

Did you know that there are quicker ways to hydrate than drinking water? Sqweeze pops are designed to provide you with quick hydration and they also replenish the electrolytes and minerals needed for re-hydration and are available in various flavours, including orange, berry, lemon, cherry and grape

Knee Protection

One of the most popular body protection items are knee pads. People who need to crawl on their knees often for their job, really need this type of protection to prevent damaged over a period of time.

Disposable Coveralls

The disposable coverall is a very popular choice in many industries, especially for cleaning personnel, pest control & debris removal. Wearing a full body coveralls protects you against bacteria, dirt and harmful substances.