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Road Safety

RSEA has long established itself as a leader in road safety equipment since we opened our doors in 1993. In fact, before becoming one of the largest retailers of workplace safety products in Australia, we focused on road safety equipment hire. So it goes without saying that when it comes to road safety and traffic control equipment, we know our stuff!

If you need something to shield the public or employees from a potential hazard, such as bollards, safety barriers or visual warning solutions you will find what you are looking for at RSEA.

Vision Alerts & Warnings

Working near roads and flowing traffic puts both workers and motorists driving by at greater risk. Pedestrians can also inadvertently end up in places where they shouldn’t be if there aren’t any clearly visible warning signs. These warning devices are especially important during emergency situations where areas need to be secured quickly and effectively.

When vehicles are travelling at moderate to high speeds, traffic signs are more difficult to see, especially at night. This can be easily remedied by using reflector warning devices or flashing lights that provide increased visibility in any environment.

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