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Asbestos Removal

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Asbestos Removal at RSEA Safety Online - The Safety Experts
Asbestos is a material with numerous qualities which was used on a massive scale before being shown to be highly toxic. Prohibited for import and use across Australia since the end of 2003, it can still be found in many buildings and machines. Helping to keep workers in such environments safe, protective coveralls can provide durable, comfortable and robust protection against asbestos fibres. Recent evidence has shown that inhaling this hazardous material leads to respiratory problems that can cause cancer. This is why the handling, storage and transportation of asbestos material is so important and why RSEA Safety have introduced a new, certified range of bags and skip bin liners by TransTox. TransTox has developed an innovative, flexible, bulk-container bag, designed to contain, store and transport hazardous materials such as asbestos safely and easily.
PBA Safety Metal Hazmat Cabinet AU25001
460430 PBA Safety Metal Hazmat Cabinet AU25001
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920112 RSEA SDS Binder YZ-F1
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Yellow D/Sided 50m
3006111 Yellow D/Sided 50m 'CAUTION ASBESTOS' Barrier Tape
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Brady® SDS Outdoor Centre & Binder
715884 Brady® SDS Outdoor Centre & Binder
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